Giving Back

Thank you for making a commitment to God, and His church, through your tithes and offerings.  Giving of our tithe is an act of worship, and a demonstration of our confidence in His provision for our lives.


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Ministries We Support


Micah 6 Community

Building the Neighborhoods that Pontiac Deserves

Micah 6 Community is a 501(c)(3) community development organization working in Pontiac, Michigan since 2012.  


Frank Seamster Ministries

Frank Seamster is a servant of God with an anointed, prophetic ministry, a man with a message from Heaven declaring uncompromising allegiance to the reign of Christ on earth. He loves the local church with an abiding Christ-like love, and while pastoring received the call to minister to the Church at large. 


Charlie Abraham Ministries

Ministry in Indonesia and throughout Asia.