Calvary Missionary Church was founded in 1946 by Rev. Rose L. Davis. She graduated from Anchor Bay Bible College and was ordained by Myrtle Beall of Bethesda Missionary Temple, Detroit , MI.  Calvary Missionary Church' s humble beginnings began in rented space at the YMCA on University Street in Pontiac, MI.  The church was established as an ecclesiastical corporation under the laws of the State of Michigan in 1948. The church moved to 306 Midway St., Pontiac, MI.  After moving to two other locations, God continued to speak and gave direction to purchase land and build.  After much prayer, 7.3 acres were purchased on Giddings Rd., Pontiac, and a small building was constructed.  In 1981 a second addition (L shape) was constructed, providing much needed space for a growing congregation. Miraculously, God provided volunteers to dig trenches, lay block, pour cement, and rough in the building.  

In 1978 Lee and Yvonne Matlock were ordained and set in as Senior Pastors.  Faithfully they served the church and community, expanding the vision to unit denominations, ethnicities, and gender bias represented in the city.  They walked in the favor of God as doors to the city government were open for four Mayoral terms.  

In 2002, God spoke to build again.  This new assignment would be to construct a 6,000. sq ft. addition to the existing building.  As the man and woman of God continued the walk of faith, God provided four churches which would contribute to the cost of the building.  This building has since been side marked, "The House That God Built."  To God Be the Glory.

In 2010, Pastors Dan and Debbie Burgess were installed as the new Lead Pastors continuing the spiritual legacy of their family.  They believe a "Spiritual Awakening" is taking place. GOD LOVES PEOPLE.  He's present to draw hearts to Himself, so that the LOVE of GOD can be experienced and lives can be transformed by the HOPE that can only be found through a personal RELATIONSHIP with the Lord Jesus Christ. 



The heartbeat of CMC is to love people.  Our passion is to see each individual's heart changed, restored, and made whole through the transforming power of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Through solid Biblical teaching and team ministry, we will encourage people to discover their spiritual gifts, provide opportunity for those gifts to be expressed, and empower them to fulfill their God-given call. We are a multi-generational and culturally diverse family of believers. Calvary Missionary Church is a Full Gospel Church.


Our mission is to communicate the Message of Christ to our community and country. We will establish and train people for the work of the ministry. We will . . .



Provide resources and opportunity for ministry, and church fellowship.


Periodically send individuals or ministry teams on special missions representing the church.


Establish new affiliated churches as appropriate to fulfill our vision.


Having received the love of Jesus, we will demonstrate His love to others through fellowship, evangelism, worship, discipleship, and ministry. We have a plurality of local leadership and the oversight of an external Christian organization.